Superfit Cerakote Bar - 20 kg

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  • NEW: High-quality Cerakote coating for a long service life
  • Specially developed for intensive workouts: 220 cm long, 20 kg weight
  • Maximum resilience and secure grip thanks to precise knurling for demanding training


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Discover the best for your training with the brand new Suprfit Cerakote barbell in exciting green or blue. With a length of 220 cm and a weight of 20 kg, it is perfectly tailored to your needs and enables comfortable and effective training. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, it offers an unbeatable combination of durability and reliability.

With an impressive maximum load capacity of 680 kg (1500 lb) and precise 1.2 mm knurling, it ensures a secure and firm hold during your exercises. Regardless of whether you do CrossFit or weightlifting training, this barbell bar offers a wide range of applications and supports you in every training session.

The durable Cerakote coating and QPQ black treatment offer optimal protection against wear and tear and give the rod an attractive look. The 28 mm grip diameter was specially designed for an intensive workout to ensure an optimal grip surface. In addition, it impresses with a modern design that is not only functional, but also attracts everyone's attention in the gym.

Experience top performance in your training with the Suprfit Cerakote Bar - 20 kg!

product info

Weight: 20kg
Length: 220cm
Coating: Cerakote powder coating (handle) and QPQ black treatment (sleeves)
Bearing: 2-Copper Bushings; 8 needle bearings
Handle diameter: 28mm
Diameter weight mount: 50mm
Length weight mount: 320mm
PSI value: 210,000+ (lbs per inch2)
Material: chrome-molybdenum alloyed stainless steel (42CRMO)
Knurling: 1.2mm
Maximum Load: 680kg (1500lb)
Colour: green or blue


EXCELLENT QUALITY: This barbell bar is made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures durability and reliable performance.

Perfect size and weight: With a length of 220 cm and a weight of 20 kg, this bar has been specially designed for an intensive workout to enable a comfortable and effective training.

Maximum load capacity: Thanks to a tensile strength of 210K PSI and an impressive maximum load of 680 kg (1500 lb), the barbell bar offers a secure and firm grip thanks to its precisely manufactured 1.2 mm knurling.

Versatile applications: The Cerakote barbell is perfect for intensive CrossFit and demanding weightlifting training to exceed your performance limits.

Durable Coating and Protection: The barbell features a durable Cerakote coating and a premium QPQ black treatment that provide optimal protection against wear and corrosion.

Precise Bearing: Precise bearing is ensured with high-quality Copper Bushings and Needle Bearings, which allows the rod to rotate smoothly.

Optimum grip surface: The 28mm diameter of the grip has been specially tailored to the needs of an intensive workout to ensure a secure and comfortable grip during training.

Modern and stylish design: The barbell not only impresses with its technical properties, but also with its modern and stylish design, which gives your training a special aesthetic.

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