Suprfit HSPU Handstand Mat

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  • Helpful head and neck padding on HSPUs
  • Comfortable 4.2 cm thick protective padding with optimized degree of hardness
  • Consistent placement of the hands due to the curvature of the mat on both sides for securing with weight plates

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The Suprfit HSPU Handstand Mat ensures optimal conditions for Hand Stand Push UP: In addition to 4.2 cm thick protective padding, the mat features arched cutouts on each side. These are ideal for placing discs. This allows athletes to have consistent hand placement while keeping the discs and Suprfit HSPU Mat in a stable and reinforced position.

For example, multiple discs can be stacked on each side of the mat for deficit training.

product info

Material: PVC with anti-slip function
Dimensions: 44 x 35.5 x 4.2 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Foam padding: 4.2 cm thick
Colour: Black


Supports head and neck during Hand Stand Push Up

Anti-slip material provides a non-slip grip

Curved cut-outs on the side for placing weight plates

Optimized degree of hardness for soft contact between mat and head

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