Suprfit Hex Rubber Dumbbells (Event Goods)


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  • Safe and stable in the hand thanks to the balanced iron core and triple knurled chrome handle
  • Floor-friendly and noise-reducing thanks to the rubber protective cover. Hexagon dumbbells are perfect for use at home
  • Firm stand, maximum stability and no rolling away thanks to the hexagonal shape. Also ideal for push ups or plank rows


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The popular Suprfit Hexagon dumbbells are perfect for any strength training, whether snatching, pushing or classic bench press exercises and are suitable for use outdoors or in the home gym.
There are balanced iron cores in the weights of the dumbells , which ensure a balanced weight distribution. A shock - resistant rubber layer protects floors from damage . The conical shape of the Hexagon dumbbell bar with a handle diameter of 28 mm (1-10 kg) / 34 mm (12.5-50 kg) and the knurling in the bar ensure a secure grip at all times during every workout.

Available weights: 1 - 50 kilograms
Barbell: conical design
Handle diameter: 28 - 34 mm
floor-friendly, rubberized weight body


Firm and stable thanks to the hexagonal shape, making it ideal for exercises such as push ups or plank rows.

The high-quality rubber coating protects the floor from damage and dampens the noise when throwing.

The triple knurling and the chrome-plated handle ensure a firm hold and prevent unwanted slipping during training.

Perfectly balanced iron core in high-quality rubber coating ensures a perfectly balanced weight distribution,


  • ★★★★★


  • ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★

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