Suprfit Squat Board Squat Ramp

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  • Maximum training performance: Take your squats to a new level and effectively strengthen your leg muscles
  • Versatile uses: Perfect for squats, lunges, step-ups and jumps to further train your leg muscles
  • Improved Balance and Natural Posture: Ergonomic design with 20 degree recline angle for optimal alignment

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Achieve maximum results with the new versatile Suprfit Squat Board Squat Ramp. With this training tool you can optimize your training to a new level.

The squat board effectively activates your leg muscles and improves your balance and stability . Thanks to its ergonomic design and 20-degree tilt angle, it allows for a natural posture and minimizes the risk of injury . In addition to squats, you can do other exercises like lunges, step-ups, and jumps to give your legs a holistic workout.

The robust and non-slip board ensures stability and safety during training, while the high-quality materials offer durability and sustainability. With its low weight and compact dimensions of 70 x 16.5 x 5 cm and a weight of only 5 kg, you can take the squat board with you anywhere and make your training flexible.

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product info

Dimensions: length 70 cm, width 16.5 cm, height 5 cm
Tilt angle: 20 degrees
Material: 30% natural rubber, 70% recycled rubber
Weight: 5kg
Maximum load: 2000 kg
Color: Black


Effective training: The squat board enables optimal alignment of your body weight during squats, which leads to effective activation of your leg muscles.

Improved Balance: The squat board allows you to improve your stability and balance. Due to the increased incline, your muscles are challenged even more to keep their balance. This not only promotes strength development, but also coordination and body control.

Natural and Ergonomic Posture: The squat board features a 20-degree incline angle that allows for a natural and ergonomic posture during squats. This activates the right muscles in a targeted manner and minimizes the risk of injury.

Versatile training options: In addition to squats, the squat board offers numerous other exercise options. You can use it for lunges, step-ups, jumps, and other functional leg exercises. In this way you can make your training varied and train your leg muscles holistically.

Stability and safety: The squat board is designed to be robust and stable to withstand even intensive training. The non-slip surface ensures a secure grip while you concentrate on your exercises. You can fully focus on your training without having to worry about slipping or slipping.

High quality materials: Made from 30% natural rubber and 70% recycled rubber, the squat board offers a combination of durability and sustainability. It also withstands intensive training and supports an impressive maximum weight of 2000 kg.

Portable and versatile: Weighing only 5 kg and its compact dimensions of 70 x 16.5 x 5 cm, the squat board is light and easy to transport. You can take it anywhere and do your workout at home, in the gym or outdoors.

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