Suprfit Rango Power Rack

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  • Multifunctional multi-gym with pull-up bar, dip station, safety spotter, J-cups and optionally with weight bench, as well as lat and/or cable pull extension
  • Particularly stable with a firm stand without wobbling. Ideal for training with dumbbells or your own body
  • Uncomplicated construction of the free-standing rack, which can be loaded with up to 250kg due to its robust steel construction


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The Suprfit Rango Power Rack is extremely resilient. Thanks to the solid construction made of steel square tubing, the multi-gym can be loaded with up to 250 kg on J-cups. The built-in pull-up bar with multiple grip options and a dip station provide plenty of variety, rounding off and completing the workout. Two height-adjustable safety spotters between the front and back ensure additional safety at all times during training with the barbell.

The multi-gym is therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals and is ideal for your home gym.

product info

Height: 222 cm
Width: 122 cm inside / 122 cm outside
Depth: 88 cm inside / 144 cm outside
Span width dip station: 42 cm inside / 69 cm outside
Weight: 90 kg
4 package pieces
Material: Steel square tube
Colour: Gray (Rango G) or Black (Rango S)
4 height-adjustable J-cups & 2 safety spotter arms
8 x holders for rubber bands

The range of functions of the Rango Power Rack can be optionally expanded with additional attachments.

Please note: The attachments are currently only available in gray.

With the Rango Lat attachment, you expand the Home Gym with a full lat pull including lat pull bar (color: gray)
With the Rango Cab attachment, you expand the Home Gym with a full cable pull tower (color: gray)

Lat pull extension for the Rango Power Rack
Lat pull bar including
Holder for 30 mm & 50 mm weight plates
Max. load: 120 kg
Height: 213 cm
Depth: 102 cm above / 48 cm below
Combined depth with Power Rack: 194 cm
Weight: 26 kg
1 package piece

Cable pull extension for the Rango Power Rack
Handles including
Holder for 30 mm & 50 mm weight plates
Max. load: 150 kg per side
Height: 208 cm
Width: 235 cm
Depth: 55 cm
Combined depth with power rack: 182 cm
Weight: 43 kg
1 package piece


Particularly stable and heavy-duty steel construction with a firm stand without wobbling.

Freestanding rack with uncomplicated construction.

Expandable for cable pull and/or lat pull

Maximum safety and stability thanks to reinforced steel tubes, as well as two height-adjustable safety spotters and four separately height-adjustable J-cups for bar storage.

Perfect for beginners and professionals, including pull-up bar, dip station and optionally with weight bench, as well as lat and/or cable pull

Powder-coated steel for special protection against corrosion or weather.


  • ★★★★★

    Great Rack!

    "Excellent! I ordered this rack for my home gym and am completely convinced of the good workmanship. Nothing jerks or wobbles, everything is tight. After more than a month of use, I can only recommend it! In addition, it has to be mentioned that you get more than you spend compared to similar products!"

  • ★★★★★

    great part

    "Perfect for my basement room, which is not too high. Just turn the pull-up bar and bang. Cable pull smoothly 👍"

  • ★★★★★

    Stable and top quality!

    "The Suprfit Rango Power Rack was delivered quickly and completely. Everything fits very well, I even managed to assemble it by myself (< 1 hour). The rack is very stable and stable even without fixing it to the floor. It is of really good quality ! I know other significantly more expensive racks (e.g. Rogue) and can therefore compare. The price/performance ratio is more than very good! This is the same with other Suprfit products that I also own. So gladly again at any time!"

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Your multifunctional power rack for at home

The Rango Power Rack is made of solid steel tube with an impressive dead weight of around 90 kg. The high dead weight ensures that your power rack does not tip over even when it is not attached to the floor.
The multifunctional pull-up bar offers several grip options and can be loaded up to 150 kg. Four J-cups included in the scope of delivery are used to hold the barbell.
The two safety spotters offer you additional safety when lifting heavy weights. In addition, a height-adjustable dip station and 8 bars for attaching expander bands ensure more variety during training.

Optionally expandable

Expand your Rango Power Rack with a cable pull or lat pull if you wish.

➤ The Suprfit Rango Cab extension adds double-sided cables to your power rack and converts it into a full-fledged cable tower.

➤ The Suprfit Rango Lat Extension converts your Rango Power Rack into a practical lat pulldown with double cable pull-down and pull-up function.

Suprfit Rango Cab: cable extension

The cable pull towers of the Rango Cab extension are loaded with weight plates. Both weight plates with an inner ring diameter of 50 mm and discs with a diameter of 30 mm fit on the disc holder.

Each tower can be loaded with a maximum weight of 125 kg. In addition, the Rango Cab extension has included handles that can be swapped out at will.

The double cable pull can be used in two directions.

Suprfit Rango Lat: Lat pulldown extension

The lat pulldown tower of the Suprfit Rango Lat extension is also loaded with weight plates. It has a weight plate holder of 30 mm and 50 mm.
The tower can be loaded with a maximum load of 120 kg. Furthermore, the lat pull has a double cable pull that can be operated in two directions.
The included handle can be swapped out at will.

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