FROMBall Medicine Ball

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  • Shock absorbing for maximum speed and minimal risk of injury
  • Ergonomic size with a diameter of 36 cm for all weight levels for optimal movement patterns
  • Grippy outer skin for controlled and safe handling


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Full Range Of Motion - stands for a complete movement sequence. The FROMBall medicine ball offers countless training and exercise options for functional medicine ball training. The special design of the FROMBall guarantees that every medicine ball, regardless of the weight, feels good, absorbs high impact forces and enables varied and effective training. The most important advantage is the reduced risk of injury due to the shock-absorbing properties of the FROMBall during partner exercises and when training at maximum speed.

The FROMBall is the training device to effectively and variedly train the 10 basic physical abilities.

product info

Material: PVC
Diameter: 36cm (all weights)


- Reduces the risk of injury thanks to its shock-absorbing properties. Ideal for training at maximum speed and partner exercises

- Enables high-intensity full-body training in many variations and promotes, among other things, increasing strength and improving coordination, condition and explosive power

- Perfect for functional workouts such as muscle building or core training

- Completely structured rubber surface for a secure grip

- Different weight levels for every performance level

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