Suprfit Dual Wall Pull Station Double Pulley


with a rental period of 24 months

  • Space-saving thanks to slim design & wall mounting
  • 2 x 25 kg weight stack in 2.5 kg increments
  • Optimum training stimuli thanks to the silky-smooth cable pulls, which can be adjusted to 26 different positions

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Ultra flat with a distance of only 11 cm from the wall - the Suprfit Double Pulley wall station with double cable pull is an extremely space-saving training device for wall mounting, which at the same time offers you a wide range of exercise options.

The modern wall pull station with black acrylic glass paneling allows you to train as soft as silk for maximum muscle feeling and optimal training stimuli, which is guaranteed by special & stretch-free pull ropes and aluminum rollers with ball bearings.

product info

• Cable pull adjustable in 26 different heights
• Only 11 cm wall distance
• Black acrylic glass paneling
• Lasered numbering on the pull unit
• High-quality locking bolts made of aluminum

Material: stainless steel, acrylic
Dimensions: 98 x 11 x 197 cm
Weight blocks: 2 x 25 kg
Graduation: 2.5 kg

Certificate: ISO9001, CE

Note: Pull device must be mounted (dowelled) on the wall. The dowels and screws required for this are not included in the scope of delivery.


Extremely low overall depth for optimum space efficiency

Weight ratio 1:1 - with both sides of the train weights

Weight ratio 1:2 - with one-sided use of the train weight

First-class workmanship

Excellent smooth-running properties thanks to stretch-free steel cables with plastic coating & cable pulleys with ball bearings

High-quality locking bolts made of aluminum

25-fold height adjustment of the cable unit

Lasered Numbering on the traction unit for easy reproduction of the adjustable heights

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For a small additional fee of €5.00 per month. we fully protect your device against damage of all kinds. In the event of damage, we will pay 100% for the repair costs incurred.


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