Suprfit Ice Bath Tub

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  • Effective muscle regeneration through cold water training
  • Optimal insulation for long-lasting cold in the water
  • Generous size for a comfortable bathing experience

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NOW NEW : The large version of the Suprfit Ice Bath Tub is the ultimate solution for optimal regeneration after intensive training sessions or competitions.

This Suprfit Ice Bath Tub measuring 135 x 80 x 61 cm impresses with its spacious surface and allows you to comfortably immerse yourself in the refreshing water. Weighing 11.6 kg (empty), it is still light enough to be easily transported and taken to different places.

The large Suprfit Ice Bath Tub offers you a number of benefits for your regeneration routine. The ice-cold water relieves inflammation , reduces swelling and reduces muscle pain . The improved blood circulation promotes muscle recovery and increases your performance .

Additional accessories such as the Double Action Pump allow for quick inflation of the Ice Bath Tub, while the carrying bag allows for convenient transport and safe storage. The insulated lid keeps the water cooler for longer and protects against contamination. And with the included repair kit you can quickly repair unexpected damage.

Experience the great Suprfit Ice Bath Tub now and give your body the optimal rest it deserves!

product info

Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 61 cm (length x width x height)

Weight (empty): 11.6 kg

Capacity: 350 liters

Suitable height: up to 6'8'' (approx. 2.03 m)

Wall material: 8cm drop stitch

Bottom material: PVC+insulated EVA

Lid material: PVC+insulated EVA

Accessories: Double action pump, carrying case, insulated lid, repair kit


Versatile uses: The Suprfit Ice Bath Tub not only offers effective cold water therapy, but can also be used for cold water hydrotherapy or as a refreshing paddling pool for children.

First-class muscle regeneration: The ice-cold water promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle inflammation, swelling and pain. Experience optimal recovery after intensive training sessions or competitions.

High-quality construction and optimal insulation: The Ice Bath Tub impresses with its stable and durable construction. The 8cm drop stitch wall ensures stability and durability, while the PVC and insulated EVA base and lid ensure efficient insulation to keep the water cooler for longer.

Large capacity: With a capacity of 350 liters, the Ice Bath Tub offers enough space to fully utilize the refreshing water. Dive in and enjoy an extended bathing experience that reduces your regeneration time.

Easy to transport and store: Despite its impressive size, the Ice Bath Tub is light enough to be easily transported and used in different locations. Thanks to its practical design, low weight and the included carrying bag, it is easy to handle and can be stored to save space.

Ready to use quickly: The included double pump function of the included pump allows the Ice Bath Tub to be inflated quickly and effortlessly so that you can enjoy regeneration even faster.

Cool and clean for longer: The insulated lid keeps the water cool for longer and protects against contamination.

Repair kit: If unexpected damage occurs, the repair kit is available to quickly get the Ice Bath Tub ready for use again.

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