Suprfit VMP Pulley

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  • Compact and portable cable machine for your workouts at home, in the gym or on the go
  • Versatile whole-body training for muscle building, stability and mobility.
  • Easily adjust the resistance from 2.5kg to 22.5kg for individual training intensity.

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Versatile, mobile & portable : Discover the future of total body training with the brand new Suprfit VMP Pulley .
The Suprfit VMP Pulley is a mobile and space-saving cable pulling device .
With its high-quality construction and versatile functions, it enables an effective workout, whether you train at home, in the gym or on the go.

The VMP Mobile Pulley offers a cable length of 8 feet, which provides enough space for various exercises and movements. The base resistance is 2.5kg and can be increased up to 27.5kg by adding weight plates. You can adjust the resistance individually to continuously improve and achieve your fitness goals.

The compact design of the mobile cable pulley allows you to train flexibly anywhere . Thanks to the practical case, you can transport the VMP Pulley very easily and always have everything you need to set it up quickly
- whether you're training at home, going to the gym or traveling.
The high-quality materials, such as the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene used for the cable and the stainless steel snap hooks, ensure durability and a high level of safety during training.

Experience the freedom of cable training anywhere, anytime with the Suprfit Mobile Pulley!

product info

Cable length: 8 feet (approx. 2.44 m)
Base resistance: 2.5kg
Maximum resistance: 27.5 kg (with weight plates)
Resistance range: 2.5kg to 22.5kg
Maximum number of weight plates per side: 4 x 5 kg, 1 x 2.5 kg
Weight (fully loaded): 3.2 kg
Dimensions (unloaded):
11.2cm L x 8.3cm W x 12.5cm H
Dimensions (fully loaded):
30cm L x 8.3cm W x 12.5cm H
Cable material: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
Material & type of carabiner hook: stainless steel
Base material: ABS with manganese steel inside
Practical carrying case included


Versatile full-body training: With the mobile Suprfit VMP Pulley you can perform various exercises to strengthen your muscles, improve your stability and increase your mobility.

Easy to adjust resistance: The Suprfit VMP Pulley offers a wide resistance range from 2.5kg to 22.5kg, so you can adjust the resistance to your individual fitness level.

Compact and Portable Design: The VMP Pulley is lightweight and compact. Stored in the high-quality case, you can easily take it anywhere. Train at home, in the gym or on the go, whenever it suits you.

Easy to assemble and use: The VMP Pulley is quick and easy to assemble. The carabiner hooks allow for easy adjustment of rope height and exercise positions.

High-quality construction: The Suprfit VMP Pulley not only impresses with its impressive design, but also with its first-class quality. Made from robust materials and equipped with durable components, this cable pulley guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability.

Versatile, mobile and portable.

The Suprfit VMP Pulley is a versatile and mobile cable pulley that was specially developed for flexible fitness training at changing training locations.
VMP stands for "versatile", "mobile" and "portable", which underlines its outstanding adaptability and mobility.

A fixable rail (not included) serves as an additional mounting option. This can be mounted on the wall in your gym in just a few simple steps.

Quick adjustment of height and resistance

The Suprfit VMP Pulley is an outstanding training device that allows for quick adjustment of both height and resistance to best suit the needs and performance of each individual athlete.

Thanks to the easy height adjustment of the pull rope, athletes can easily adjust the optimal training position for their body size and individual exercises. This flexibility ensures ergonomic alignment during training, reducing the risk of injury and increasing the effectiveness of exercises.

In addition, the Suprfit VMP Pulley offers an impressive opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the resistance to individual performance. This is particularly important because athletes have different strengths and abilities and this enables individual improvement to achieve their own fitness goals.

One device - numerous sports!

The Suprfit VMP Pulley is ideal for focus-specific use in numerous sports segments:

Swimming, throwing and impact sports: Strengthening and activating the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles.

Play sports: strengthening and activating the muscles surrounding the hip; Adductors, abductors, hip flexors and gluteal muscles.

Personal and Functional Training: All common exercises that can be performed on a cable pulley with the ability to quickly adjust the position of the cable pulley to efficiently switch back and forth between exercises.

General activation of the core muscles in sport-specific patterns.

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