Suprfit Multifunctional Smith Machine

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  • Smith Machine incl. cable pulley, lat pulldown, pull-up bar, dip station, land mine and leg roll
  • Maximum security with a double security mechanism
  • Guided Smith bar supports clean execution

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The Suprfit Multifunctional Smith enables holistic training at an individual performance level. So you can really get started with home training. Effective and individually tailored training plans need one thing above all: opportunities.
Therefore, with the Multi Smith, great value was placed on 3 factors: the greatest possible variety of exercises, adaptability and expandability.

Strengthen your stabilization muscles or focus on targeted isolation exercises. With the Suprfit Multi Smith you use all the advantages of free weight training and at the same time benefit from the flexible cable pull and additional lat pull.

The heart of the Multistation is a height-adjustable Smith machine. The barbell can be hooked in quickly and safely, making it ideal for starting strength training. At the same time, it enables exercises at the performance limit. The guided bar supports you in the clean execution of your exercises and allows targeted loading of individual muscle groups.

product info

This multi-station includes:
• Squat Rack
• Smith (guided barbell)
• double-sided cable pull including handles up to 60 kg
• Lat pull including lat bar and pull rod up to 60 kg
• T-handle for rowing exercises
• Triceps handle
• Pull Up Bar
• Landmine
• Safety Spotter
• Height-adjustable dip bars
• 6 x plate holders
• Leg roll

Cable Pull: 60 kg per side / expandable to 100 kg per side Material: 80 x 50 x 3 mm steel
Dimensions: 149 x191 x232 cm
Weight: 415 kg

Max. load
• Multifunctional trainer: 200 kg
• Smith bar: 200 kg
• Pull-up bar: 180 kg
• Dip station: 180 kg

ISO9001 certified


One machine - numerous exercise options: Benefit from countless exercises, such as front, back or bench press, various rowing options, pull up & down, chest press, pectoral exercises, dips, pull ups and much more.

Particularly safe, thanks to the guided barbell

Maximum freedom of movement thanks to the cable and lat pull

Plate stacks enable weights to be stored directly on the Smith Machine

Weight extension of the cable pull and lat pull is possible up to 100 kg per side

Small space for maximum function

The Suprfit multitrainer offers you maximum
functionality in a minimum of space, making it ideal for your home gym.
However, the Suprfit Smith Trainer is also suitable for semi-professional use in small studios.

A variety of exercise options

The Suprfit Multifunctional Smith Machine allows you countless exercise options, such as barbell bent overrow, barbell twist, barbell seated press, barbell squats, pull ups, back torque line, dips, T-bar twists and much more.

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