Suprfit Sigmar Competition Rig (Event Stock)

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  • Massive competition rig including hand stand push up walls
  • Available as a complete rig or in parts
  • Suitable for more than 10 athletes


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The Suprfit Sigmar Competition Rack in white with black color accents impresses with its enormous size and stability. With a lane width of 300cm, it allows athletes to work parallel to the rig. Unlike "normal" competition rigs, our Sigmar Comp. Rig over 10 squat stations and 10 J-cup pairs.

A profile width of 75 x 75 mm with a thickness of 4 mm gives the rig enormous stability. Three different heights (270 cm, 360 cm and 450 cm) of uprights allow rings and a climbing rope to be attached at a height of 450 cm per lane. The total height of the rig is approx. 500 cm with floor plates and lane numbers.

In front of each lane is a Hand Stand Push Up Wall made of black, impact-resistant Plexiglas and a Wall Ball Target.
In addition to the 232 cm long muscle up bar at the front, the rig has a further 10 muscle up stations in the depths with a width of 170 cm.

The Suprfit Sigmar Competition Rig can be purchased as a whole or divided into contiguous lanes.

Complete comp. Rig: 10 lanes
Quad lanes: 4 lanes
Triple lane: 3 lanes
Double lane: 2 lanes
Single lane: 1 lane


Dimensions (complete):
W: 29.32 m; H: 5m; D: 1.82 m
(All measurements measured from upright to upright)

Scope of delivery (complete rig):
21 x upright 270 cm
11 x upright 360 cm
11 x upright 450 cm
10 x muscle up bar 232 cm
11 x muscle up bar 170 cm
10 x Handstand Push Up Wall (Plexiglas)
10 x J Cup pairs
30 x hooks for attaching climbing ropes and rings
11 x pairs of floor plates for setting up without screwing to the floor

In addition, various connecting parts for the uprights, screws and washers

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