Privacy Policy


Protecting your data while you are visiting our website is a major priority to us. Therefore we observe the legal provisions and principles, in particular the European Data Protection Directive. This Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect, use, process and under certain conditions disclose your personal data.

All information you provide is treated confidentially and is used only to fulfill and process your order. We do not provide your date to third parties, unless you have given your consent or we are required to disclose your date due to an administrative or court order.

Your personal data is collected, stored and processed according to the following privacy policy:

1) Collection, storage, processing and use of personal data.

a) The collection, storage, processing and use of date by calling the web

We do not collect, store, process or use any of your personal information when you simply visit our website. However, your data is being temporarily stored in a log file for data security purposes. This may allow identification e.g. IP address date, time and accessed files. This usage data is evaluated by internal surveys about users' interests. This is done with statistical purposes only.

An evaluation of this usage data is not used ti create a personal user profile. This will not happen unless you agree so. Any further evaluation of your information by third parties is excluded.

b) Storing, processing and use of data that you have provide to us expressly

We collect your personal data only if you have made it available, for example during registration (by filling out forms or sending e-mails), as part of an order or information requests. Your personal data (title, name, company, address, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number) is used in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive.

Your personal data is used to the necessary extent for the establishment, creation or modification of the contractual relationship. The data is used to process the contracts between us, such as delivery of goods to the address you have provided. Any further use of your personal data for any other purposes is excluded.

The use of your e-mail address for sending you newsletters or advertising products is also excluded unless you give us your explicit consent.

Your personal data is required to enable the use of our services and to process contract between us.

c) Data processing and use despite revocation and/ or lack of consent

The use of information and data for contractual purposes. Your date can also be used to the extend that the law allows. 

2) Terms of use of without registration

You can of course use and visit our site without a registration. This will, however, not allow you to access all the special features of our site.

3) Use of cookies, session Ids, web analysis services and advertising partners

a) Cookies

We use cookies on our domain. Cookies are small bits of information that are stored on your hard drive when you visit a site or a server. The cookies on our website contain no personal data nor do they generate or link any personal data. The cookies of our website do not run programs on your computer or upload viruses.

Our cookies are stored for 7 days on your hard drive. After this period of time they are automatically erased. Most computers are set to automatically receive cookies. If you do not wish your computer to receive any cookies, you can disable this option in your browser's settings or set your browser to send you notify you when cookies are being sent.

b) Session IDs

In order to improve the utilisation of our Internet page, we also provide the so-called session IDs. Session IDs are small pieces of information that are stored on your hard drive when you visit our website and allow us to identify you during your visit on our website. Session IDs do not contain any readable information and cannot run programs or upload viruses on your hard drive.

Session IDs are not stored on your hard drive permanently and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Most browsers are set to automatically accept session IDs. In this case you can disable this option in your browser settings or you can choose the option to be notified every time you browser uses session IDs.

4) Facebook Social Plugins

Our internet page uses the so-called social plugins that are provided by the social network, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.

When calling a website that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers of Facebook. Facebook thereby obtains the information that you have accessed the corresponding page.

Are you logged in Facebook, it can assign to visit your Facebook account. If you use the plug-ins that are shown on our website (e.g., the "Like" or “Share”button) the corresponding information is transmitted from your browser directly to your Facebook account and stored there.

For more information about the collection and use of data by Facebook and your privacy rights, please read the privacy policy of Facebook which you can find on following address .

If you do not wish Facebook to collect data about you or your activity on our website, please remember to log out of your Facebook account before visting

5) Commissioning your data to third parties

The personal information that you provide to us is used only by the companies, organisations or individuals that perform services or function on our behalf. These include for example internet providers, server operators, companies that process payments and other business supporting companies and individuals. Such third parties need access to you personal data in order to be able to perform their services. Any other business or third parties are excluded from getting access to your personal data.

6) Withdrawal, blockage, deletion and rectification of your personal data

a) Withdrawal

You are free to your consent for storage of any of your personal data at any given moment or to request the rectification of your personal data. However, we would like to point out that we protect your privacy.

If you wish to withdraw the use of your data form our server, you have to send a written request as soon as possible at the following address:

Innovative Training Systems GmbH
4. Industriestraße 20
68766 Hockenheim

Please make sure to attach a copy of your identity card.

In a case of withdrawal, storage, processing and/ or use of your personal data are automatically blocked and your data is deleted from our system.

b) Blockage, deletion and ratification of your personal data

You have the right to delete, correct or block the personal data stored on our server.

If you wish to block, delete or correct your personal data, you have to send us a written request as soon as possible at the following address:

Innovative Training Systems GmbH
4. Industriestraße 20
68766 Hockenheim

Please make sure to attach a copy of your identity card.

7) Information about stored data

You are free to see and access the stored data about you at any time. If you wish to obtain information about the storage of your personal data you have to send us a written request at the following address:

Innovative Training Systems GmbH
4. Industriestraße 20
68766 Hockenheim

Please make sure to attach a copy of your identity card.

8)The security of your data

We have made a commitment to keep your data secure under the applicable data protection laws. Therefore, the transmission of data and information can be used only from the authorised parties. Any electronic communication is secure. This means that all data that you voluntarily provide can be obtained from third parties only when there is a legal reason and when the laws permit it. We do not take any responsibility or liability for the unauthorised access of your personal data by third parties.

9) Protection of minors

If you are younger than 18 years you should not submit any personal data without the permission of your parents or legal guardians. We do not request any personal information from minors and we do not knowingly collect or disclose such data to third parties.

10) Changes of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy statement at any time in compliance with the data protection regulations. We will however inform you about any changes of our privacy clauses.

11) Availability of the privacy policy

You can find our privacy policy on our website.

We would like to point out that by clicking on links on our website and thus leaving our website you may land on sites with privacy policies different from ours.