Suprfit SUP Board Halia Pink - 330 x 78 x 15cm

  • a real eye catcher and easy to use for the whole family

  • carrying bag for easy storage and transportation is included

  • set includes: SUP board, adjustable paddle, safety leash, high pressure, doubleway pump, carrying bag, repair kit

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Suprfit SUP Board

Suprfit SUP Board Halia Pink - 330 x 78 x 15 cm

The Suprfit SUP Board Halia Pink – a real allrounder and eye-catcher. Easy to use and fun for you and your whole family. The inflatable and durable SUP Board made of 100% PVC (Double layer construction) with a size of 330 x 78 x 15 cm is the perfect Board for beginners as well as intermediate athletes with its “Allrounder” shape. This SUP board model "Halia Pink" can be used by people of any size and up to a maximum user weight of 130 kg.

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The SUP Board fits with all its accessories perfectly into the included high-quality back pack which makes the transportation of the boards supr easy. Also we made the three fins removable for all our models so that these don’t get bent during transportation like with ordinary SUP boards.

Always included with our SUP boards is an adjustable aluminum telescope paddle which is adjustable almost to everybody size, a high pressure double way hand pump, a leash to fix the board to your leg, the backpack and a repair kit. A anti-slip EVA material for the board deck secures your standing position on the Board.

VALVE MAINTENANCE: Be aware that the valve might have become loose after transportation, resulting in loss off air after inflation. This can be fixed easily with the included valve wrench: Manual


The Suprfit SUP Boards are a real eye catcher! They are easy to use, fun for you and your whole family and never fail to draw the attention from others. Many hours of fun and enjoyable paddling are guaranteed!


Our carefully produced SUP boards are made of a durable double layer construction of PVC.. With an anti-slip board deck and three ergonomic fins on the bottom of the board you will always feel confident and secure on top of your board.


All SUP boards are delivered as a set that contains everything you need and allows you to start paddling right after unpacking:

  • 1 x SUP Board with double layer construction

  • 1 x back pack

  • 1 x telescope paddle made out of aluminum

  • 1 x double way hand pump with pressure gauge

  • 1 x safety leash

  • 1 x repair kit


The Suprfit SUP boards are available in different sizes. The smallest modell with 300 x 70 x 10 cm is suited for a user weight up to 90 kg, while the bigger sized boards with 330 x 78 x 15 cm or 320 x 85 x 10 cm are able to withstand a weight of up to 130 kg.

Overview of all SUPr boards:

Neyla Maona Ohana Hokulani Iwalani Kaleo Lailani
Palila Yoga
Size 300 x 75 x 10 cm 300 x 75 x 10 cm 300 x 75 x 10 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 330 x 78 x 15 cm 320 x 85 x 10 cm
max. user weight 90 kg 90 kg 90 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 130 kg 120 kg
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  • the max PSI value is 15 PSI.

  • a value of 12 PSI is recommended, when used under direct sunlight for a longer period of time


  • You can find the manual here: Manual (hyperlink opens in new browser tab)