Assault Air Bike PRO X

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  • Intense HIIT Training: Designed for demanding workouts with extreme durability.
  • Quiet and focused training: Quiet belt drive enables concentrated training without distraction.
  • Global Competitions: Connect with athletes worldwide through the app and compete in exciting competitions.

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Discover the brand new AirBike Pro X - Belt Drive! This Pro Bike, complemented by the "X", is equipped with an innovative belt drive that takes your training to a new level. The advanced strap allows for a unique riding experience and quiet training that allows for undisturbed workouts. Designed for demanding HIIT workouts , the AirBike Pro X offers maximum durability for your intense workouts.

Thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled display and the Assault Fitness app, you can compete with athletes worldwide and compete in exciting competitions.

Experience a completely new training feeling with the AirBike Pro X - Belt Drive.

product info


Built up:
Weight: 56.7kg
Length: 52"
Width: 62.3cm
Height: 133.4cm

Packed up:
Weight: 63.5kg
Length: 136.0 cm
Width: 28.0cm
Height: 88.0 cm

Maximum user weight:
Can hold up to 150 kg.

Technical details:

High contrast LCD screen:
Improved display of Watts, RPM, Calories, Heart Rate, Distance, Time and Speed ​​for comprehensive performance control.

High Intensity Interval Training Programs:
Special programs for targeted HIIT training and optimal results.

Competition mode:
Enables global competitions and exciting challenges.

Adjustable seat:
Wide, padded seat with infinite height and pre-adjustability for maximum comfort.

Belt drive technology:
Maximum power transmission and minimal maintenance for long-lasting performance.


Robust construction:
Made entirely of high-quality metal components for maximum stability and resilience.

Bluetooth & ANT+ Connectivity:
Connect the bike to the Assault Fitness app for digital training.

Adjustment options:
11 height settings and 6 front-to-back settings for customization.

27 inch steel fan:
Large fan for pleasant air circulation during training.


Extreme Durability: This bike is specifically designed for intense HIIT workouts, providing exceptional durability and robustness.

High-quality construction: The entire device is made of high-quality metal components that ensure remarkable stability and load-bearing capacity.

Quiet training: The innovative belt drive ensures almost silent training, allowing undisturbed workouts.

Versatile connectivity: With Bluetooth and ANT+ configuration, you can connect the bike to the Assault Fitness app and benefit from digital training.

Global competitions: Thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled display and the Assault Fitness app, you can compete with athletes worldwide and compete in exciting competitions.

Controlled performance: The bike automatically adapts to your speed and helps you maintain correct training form.

Individual adjustment: With 11 height and 6 front-to-back settings, the bike adapts optimally to your individual needs.

Effective interval training: The integrated programs for high-intensity interval training help you train specifically and achieve maximum results.

Comfortable seat: The wide, padded seat is fully adjustable and ensures maximum comfort during your workouts.

Efficient Belt Drive: Belt drive technology maximizes power transfer and minimizes maintenance, resulting in long-lasting performance.

Strong steel fan: The generous 27-inch steel fan ensures comfortable air circulation during your training sessions.

High Load Capacity: The AirBike Pro X can safely carry users weighing up to 150kg.

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