Suprfit Battle Rope

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  • Perfect training device for intensive battle rope exercises for all muscle groups, as well as effective endurance workouts
  • Ideal for demanding training of the arms, shoulders, back and torso muscles, as well as the buttocks and leg muscles
  • Improves your posture and strengthens your core and arm muscles


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The Suprfit Battle Rope with a thickness of 38 mm is available in lengths of 10 m, 15 m and 25 m. The heavy Suprfit Battle Ropes are ideal for intensive Battle Rope exercises.

In order to ensure better durability of the material, we recommend not making circular movements with the rope and using the Suprfit Battle Rope on a smooth surface.

product info

Diameter: 38 mm
Length: 10 m, 15 m or 25 m
Colour: Black
Material: Synthetic fibre, 50% polypropylene and 50% polyester


Can be used variably for arms, shoulders, back and the torso muscles, as well as the buttocks and leg muscles

Versatile, thanks to a variety of different battle rope exercises

Effective training device for all muscle groups

Ideal for demanding endurance workouts

Perfect for beginners and advanced users

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