Suprfit Elite Cast Iron Kettlebell

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  • The multifunctional training device for beginners and professionals
  • Solid single cast steel with ergonomic handle for optimal grip in the palm of your hand
  • Maximum protection against corrosion through powder coating & color ring for better differentiation of the weights


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Functional training with the Elite Kettlebell from Suprfit leads to more strength, better coordination, greater mobility and an athletic body. The Elite cast iron kettlebell is perfect for an effective full body workout. It can be used for snatching, jabbing, pushing or simply as extra weight.
All Suprfit cast iron dumbbells from the Elite range are cast from a single piece and have a complete powder coating, which massively increases resistance to corrosion and weathering.

Whether beginners or professionals, commercial use in the gym or at home in the home gym. Our weight balls are used by professional sports clubs, CrossFit boxing and functional training gyms throughout Europe.

product info

Material: Cast iron
Colour: Black with colored markings
Cast in one piece and powder coated
Weight tolerance: +3% / -2%
Handle diameter: 30 mm - 38 mm


100% cast iron single casting without welded components for more stability, stronger grip and better handling.

Complete powder coating by Powder Coating for greater resistance to corrosion and weathering.

Color coded handles for easy identification of different weights. Perfect grip of the ergonomically shaped handles.

The rough structure of the handle allows the Elite Kettlebell to sit perfectly in the hand.

Flat base for a secure stand, so they can also be used in pairs for push ups, for example.

Optimally balanced handle diameter in relation to the ball size, so the kettlebell swings optimally in the hand.


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    Super training device - recommended!

    "Good workmanship, balanced center of gravity, wide grip for both hands, non-slip and level surface, no burrs. Fast delivery and the goods VERY well packaged! Simply TOP!"

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    Great studio quality piece

    "Compact little kettlebell, great feel and good grip. I can't do anything with the huge plastic kettlebells and this one is really close to the studio dumbbells in terms of quality. I can recommend it."

  • ★★★★★

    Top kettlebells

    "Workmanship, lower volume, handiness simply top. I have several kettlebells from different manufacturers, but these are the best for me so far."

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Premium cast iron kettlebells

Kettlebells as a multifunctional training device are now indispensable in cross and functional training. Functional training with the Elite Kettlebell from Suprfit leads to more strength, better coordination and greater mobility.

The Suprfit Elite Cast Iron Kettlebells are made from 100% cast iron and are cast in one piece. This has the advantage that there is no unpleasant friction, which sometimes occurs due to unevenness in the weld seams.

The high-quality powder coating protects the cast-iron kettlebells from weather and rust and ensures the perfect grip.

Kettlebells from 4kg - 44kg

The cast-iron Suprfit Elite Kettlebells are available in 13 weight versions from 4 kg to 44 kg. The individual weights are identified by the popular color rings on the sides of the handles.

Depending on the weight, the height, the diameter of the ball and the handle differ.

Kettlebells in use

In principle, all exercises that are also possible with dumbbells can be carried out with the kettlebells. However, in contrast to dumbbells, the center of mass is not in the area of the handle, but in the area of the spherical body.

The torque for exercises with kettlebells is therefore difficult to calculate. It increases the load and provides an additional coordinative stimulus.
During swing movements, the stabilization activity of large muscle chains is required. This aspect makes the kettlebell a highly functional training device.

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