Suprfit Hex Bar

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  • Perfect for adapted movements after injuries
  • Multifunctional thanks to the special shape
  • Equipped with Olympic disc mount

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The Suprfit Hex Bar offers a variety of training options far beyond squats or shoulder lifts. Thanks to its multiple grips, the Suprfit Hex Bar is suitable for almost all exercises that can also be performed with classic barbells: numerous movements can be performed, from bent rows and shoulder presses to chest training and bench presses. The advantage here: The free space in the middle of the bar enables the athlete to maintain a permanently straight and stable posture of the upper body.

With the Suprfit Hex Bar, the lack of a continuous barbell means that the center of gravity during strength training, such as deadlifts, can be shifted further back. As a result, even inexperienced athletes can lift the loads better with a straight back and larger weights can be lifted. The frame of the Suprfit Hex Bar distributes the weight more evenly in the horizontal plane, giving the athlete better stability.

product info

Weight: 20.5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1430 x 620 x 120 mm
Handle diameter: 25 mm
Diameter weight holder: 50 mm
Interior dimensions (WxD): 600 x 600 mm


Enables a variety of training options, far beyond squats or shrugs

Suitable for numerous movements such as bent rowing, shoulder press to chest training and bench press

Enables a stable posture, the free space in the middle of the bar

Shifts the center of gravity, thanks to the lack of a continuous barbell, also ideal for inexperienced athletes

Better stability, by more evenly distributing the weight of the frame in a horizontal plane

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