Suprfit Princess Bar

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  • Very elegant and robust barbell specially developed for women according to IWF standards, with a length of 201 cm and a weight of 15 kg
  • Movement sequences that are easy on the joints thanks to high-quality triple bushing mounting for low-friction weight absorption and torque reduction
  • Stable hold of the weight plates thanks to small grooves on the surface of the weight holder. Available in black or chrome


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The Suprfit Princess Bar is a very robust barbell especially for women, which has been developed according to IWF standards. According to the regulations, the bar has a length of 201 cm and a weight of 15 kg and is marked for weightlifting and powerlifting. The weight-bearing ends have three bearings, which leads to better and smoother turning ability and offers great advantages, especially for more complex movement sequences in training with barbells, e.g. for transfer movements.

The Suprfit Princess Bar is ideal for determined and successful athletes due to its noble and robust workmanship and its bushing storage. Thanks to the high quality and durability, this barbell is perfect for preparing for competitions and can withstand use in competitions.

The Suprfit Princess Bar should not be missing when equipping a box or gym.

product info

Weight: 15kg
Length: 201cm
Grip diameter: 25mm (IWF and IPF markings)
Weight mount diameter: 50mm
Weight mount length: 320mm
PSI rating: 150,000+ (pounds per inch2)
Weightlifting max load: 350kg
Back squat max load , deadlift: 150kg
Material: spring steel
Color: black or chrome
Finishing: manganese phosphate (shaft), chrome (end pieces)


25 mm handle diameter, knurled grip area and the 50 mm diameter and 320 mm long weight holder, with markings for Olympic weight lifting, ensure a safe workout.

Noble and robust workmanship, specially developed for women.

Perfect for use in weight lifting, power lifting, cross training or Functional Fitness

Corrosion-resistant surface ensures a low-maintenance long service life

Ideal only for squats and deadlifts, but also in particular for demanding exercises such as snatching, jerks and transfers

Flexible and highly stable spring steel allow a maximum load of up to 350 kg

Small grooves on the surfaces of the weight holder for better Holding the weight plates

High-quality triple bushing bearing for better and smoother turning ability with particularly complex movement sequences

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