Suprfit Rango Lat Pulldown Attachment

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  • Lat pull extension for the Suprfit Rango Power Rack, including lat pull bar
  • Disc mount suitable for 30mm and 50mm bumper plates.
  • Interchangeable handles, the double cable pull with two directions and the possibility of attaching the attachment both below and above ensure a varied workout

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Our Suprfit Rango Lat pull-down extension including a lat pull-up bar complements the Suprfit Rango Power Rack with many practical training options. An upper and a lower lat pull on the lat pull tower leave nothing to be desired during training. In addition, all weights with a mounting diameter of 30 mm and 50 mm can be used as a load. The lat pull can be loaded with a maximum weight of 120 kg.
product info

Space-saving extension for your Rango Power Rack.

Lat dimensions: 102 cm x 48 cm x 213 cm

Overall dimensions (Rango + Lat): 194 x 122 cm x 213 cm

Interchangeable grips

Two-way dual cable system

Powder coated

Not compatible with Rango Basement Edition


Ideally suited for weight discs with a diameter of 30 mm and 50 mm. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the lat pulldown is particularly durable and a real eye-catcher.

Fully loadable. Each tower can be loaded with a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Supplements the power rack with a double-sided lattice, including a lat pull bar for even more training options.

The lat pull bar that is included allows you to train specific muscle groups

Guarantees variety with many different training variations, due to the possibility of attaching the attachment both below and above

Train up to 8 muscles during lat pulldown training. Latissimus, trapezius muscle. Brachialis, biceps and more

Interchangeable handles and dual cable pull with two directions for a varied workout

Powder-coated steel for extra protection against corrosion or weather

Perfect for beginners and professionals + Ideal for home gyms where space is limited

Lat pulldown extension for your Rango Power Rack

Expand your Rango Power Rack with a practical lat pulldown with pull-up and pull-down function.

With the Suprfit Rango Lat you can easily set the training weight yourself. You can simply load the lat pull station with your own weight plates.
Thanks to an attachment, you can use both 30 mm discs and 50 mm weights. You can load the Lat Tower with up to 120 kg.

Please note: The Rango Lat Pulldown Attachment is not compatible with the Rango Power Rack Basement Edition!


You only need a little additional space for your Rango Lat pulldown tower attachment. In addition to a depth of 144 cm (Rango Power Rack without Lat Attachment) there is only an additional depth of 50 cm. This gives a total depth of 194 cm.

Please note: This article is only the Rango Lat Attachment. The Rango Power Rack shown in the picture is not included.

Would you like to purchase the Rango Power Rack together with the lat pull attachment? You can find the set under the following product: Rango Power Rack

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