Suprfit SUP Stand Up Paddling Board Optical 330 x 78 x 15 cm

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  • High quality anti-slip pad, elastic band with adjustable stopper to attach luggage
  • The first cruising stand-up paddling board in optical design! Inflatable all-round board for beginners, advanced and the whole family. Ready on the water in less than 10 minutes - 330 x 79 x 15 cm / up to 140 kg
  • Easy to transport and quickly inflated with the all-in-one set with backpack, high-pressure double-way air pump, paddle, safety line, slide-in thruster fin set and repair set, as well as D-rings for optional attachment of a kayak seat

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NOW NEW! The Suprfit SUP Stand-Up-Paddling Board Optical 330 x 78 x 15 cm All-In-One Set - the ultimate cruising board, ideal for beginners and versatile leisure use! With its stunning optical design and high-quality anti-slip deck pad it sets new standards in terms of style and stability.

This board is a real all-rounder. With a length of 330 cm and an impressive load capacity of 140 kg, it offers space for beginners, advanced users and even for two to three (small) people. The robust drop-stitch light construction with double-layer PVC layers ensures unbeatable stability and UV resistance.

The anti-slip deck with EVA foam padding offers you a firm and comfortable footing, whether you are just making your first paddle strokes or are already an experienced paddler. Weighing only 9 kg and the new practical carrying handle in the middle the board is easy to transport and fits easily into the supplied multifunction backpack.

We have thought of everything to make your paddling experience perfect.
The slide-in fin can be mounted quickly and securely, while the 3-way fixed elastic rubber band for luggage attachment offers enough space for your equipment. If you buy the board with a kayak seat you want to equip, you have four D-rings available.

Enjoy ultimate comfort and safety on the water. The safety line ensures that you don't fall into the water in the event of a small mishap.

And the best thing is: You're ready to go in record time! The supplied high-pressure double-action air pump allows the board to be pumped up and down quickly in a maximum of 5 minutes. Folded up and conveniently stowed in the backpack, you are ready for unforgettable paddling experiences, no matter where it takes you.

Get your Suprfit SUP Stand-Up Paddling Board Batik now and experience the freedom of paddling in a whole new way!

product info

Prelaminated double layer PVC
EVA foam
Dimensions: 330 x 79 x 15 cm
Max user weight: 140 kg.
Own weight: approx. 9 kg
Total weight with backpack: approx. 13 kg

The SUP features:
Elastic rubber band for luggage attachment with adjustable stopper, incl. handles. Four D-rings for optional attachment of a kayak seat.
A solid neoprene handle in the middle of the non-slip EVA foam pad helps to carry the SUP easily and an additional handle on the tail below the valve makes it easier to pull it out of the water.

All in one set
1* Inflatable SUP Board
1 x High Quality Backpack
1 x Extendable aluminum telescopic paddle
1 x high-pressure double-action air pump
1 x safety line (leash)
1 x slide-in fin
1 x repair kit


Maximum stability with anti-slip deck pad

The first cruising board in watercolor design with D-rings for optional attachment of a kayak seat

Ideal for beginners, advanced users and the whole family, thanks to a length of 330 cm and a maximum user weight of 140 kg, it can also be used by two or even three (small people).

The drop-stitch-light construction made of double-layer PVC ensures stability, strength and high UV resistance. The anti-slip deck with EVA foam padding ensures ultimate grip and standing comfort.

With the help of the carrying handle in the middle of the board, your SUP can be carried easily. Thanks to the high-quality multifunctional backpack, you can easily stow your SUP board. The rolled-up stand-up paddling board fits perfectly into the backpack along with the accessories and, thanks to its own weight of only 9 kg, can be easily carried to the water.

Easy to pull out of the water thanks to the comfort grip
Quick assembly of the slide-in fin, thanks to the slide-in system and secure fixation with a locking pin.

Everything is always safely stowed away, thanks to the 6-fold fixed luggage net.

Particularly stable and manoeuvrable thanks to the thruster fin setup. The center fin can be added or removed at will.

Safe and non-slip footing thanks to the improved anti-slip EVA deck, incl. kick pad, high-quality EVA foam and safety line in case you fall into the water.

Can be used standing and sitting, thanks to the adjustable 2-in-1 telescopic aluminum paddle with click lock and T-handle for even power distribution.

Save time when pumping up and down, thanks to the included high-pressure double-action air pump - pumped up and down in max. 5 minutes.

Easily foldable and, thanks to the full-length zip on the backpack, can also be stowed away again quickly and easily.

An all-rounder cruising board ideal for families

The inflatable SUP board is suitable as a beginner board for the whole family. Children use this stand-up paddling board for their first attempts at paddling. Parents can use this board to paddle a leisurely lap around the lake.
This all-round SUP board is also ideal for family holidays, as it can be taken anywhere due to its low weight of only 9 kg. Due to the load capacity of 140 kg, a child can sit comfortably at the front of the SUP board and be part of the paddling tour, or you can use the 4 D-rings and convert your SUP board into a kayak with a kayak seat.

Easy set-up in less than 10 minutes

[1] Set hose
Make sure the valve pin is closed (up) before tightening the hose. Then tighten the end of the hose clockwise.

[2] Prepare the pump
Twist the hose clockwise onto the pump. Use the outlet labeled IN to pump the air into the board. Use the exit labeled OUT to drain.

[3] pumps
To pump a lot of air into your board quickly, start in double-stroke mode and pump air into your board when you push and when you pull up. If you notice that pressure is building up in the board activate the single hub mode. All you have to do is unscrew the plug from the housing. This makes it easier to pull the pump up and you only pump air into your SUP when you push it down.

[4] Check air pressure
The pump's nanometer will not move until the pressure reaches 6-7 PSI. Please keep pumping. The max. air pressure for the Suprfit SUP boards is 15 PSI. By default, we recommend a value of 9 - 12 PSI.
Please note that the optimal pressure depends heavily on the user's weight and temperature.

... Now only

[4] Set fin
Push the slide-in fin from the back to the front in the fin box and fix it with the locking pin.
In very shallow sections of water, such as on the banks or on river passages, you can temporarily do without the middle fin and only use the two side fins, so you minimize the draft.

[5] Adjust Paddle
Adjust the paddle to the length you want (170 - 210 cm). Twist the latch clockwise and snap it shut.

[6] Get on the water
Now it can start. Get on your board and let yourself drift.

Designed with ❤ in Ibiza

Functionality meets unusual design.

With the colorful prints of the Suprfit stand-up paddling boards, you will definitely attract attention in and on the water and on the beach.

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