Assault Rower Elite

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  • The Assault Rower Elite was developed by professional athletes and trainers who tested the best fitness equipment in the world to create a single, high-performance rowing machine that packs a punch!
  • The Assault Rower's strong steel frame construction and innovative design combined with its durability make it the best-in-class rowing machine on the market.
  • Ideal for CrossFit boxes, fitness studios and home gyms


The workout on the AssaultRower rowing ergometer is the ideal balance to everyday life and a very effective way to do sports in the gym or in your own four walls!

The intensive full-body workout not only burns a lot of calories, but also makes you physically fitter and strengthens your upper body and leg muscles. The AssaultRower rowing ergometer is therefore an excellent training device for a joint-gentle, performance-enhancing and health-promoting full-body workout.

Every single component of the AssaultRower is built to last. The powerful, two-speed chain and belt drive, sweat-resistant seat, steel footplates, and aluminum carrier set the AssaultRower apart from the rest of the competition because they mean maximum durability and a low-maintenance rowing experience.

product info

Bluetooth: Yes
Weight: 92kg
Length: 235cm
Width: 51cm
Height: 123.4cm
Maximum usage weight: 158.8kg


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