Suprfit Fitness Floor DM - rubber floor with drainage pattern


with a rental period of 24 months

  • 30mm rubber flooring for fitness studios, cross-gyms, functional fitness areas and calisthenics parks.
  • Since the underside of the rubber floor tiles is provided with drainage, the rubber floor is also ideally suited for outdoor use.
  • UV-resistant, non-slip and extremely easy to care for


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The right floor not only plays an important role in protecting the ground and equipment, but also for safety when training.

Our Suprfit Fitness Floor DM fall protection floor coverings can be laid practically anywhere and increase the visual quality of your training area.
Our fall protection surfaces have an above-average service life even under difficult climatic conditions. They are wear-resistant, UV-resistant, non-slip, extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned very easily if necessary.

The underside of the 30mm floor tiles has ventilation gaps (drainage) so that no moisture can collect under the covering.
The individual panels are connected via a plug-in system. The panels are attached to each other on pins that are hammered into the ground from the side. This keeps the individual panels together in a stable manner.

Please note that the colors of the panels are remixed for each production, which is why there may be deviations between the color on our pictures and the actual color.

product info

Weight: 28kg per piece
Thickness: 30mm
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Color: black
Material: Recycled rubber granulate
Critical fall height: +/- 2m (according to DIN EN 1177)
Intrinsic density: 950kg/m3
Temperature tolerance: +20°C to + 60°C
Temperature behavior: +/- 2.5%


Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor fitness studios

In use at CrossFit boxes, Olympic training centers and professional sports clubs throughout Europe

UV-resistant, non-slip and extremely easy to clean

Secure hold of the individual plates with pins that firmly connect the plates

Areas of use: indoor, outdoor, Cross-Gyms, Functional Fitness Areas, Calisthenics Parks & Playgrounds

The individual panels are held securely by pins that firmly connect the panels

Installation: Easy installation using plastic connectors

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For a small additional fee of €5.00 per month. we fully protect your device against damage of all kinds. In the event of damage, we will pay 100% for the repair costs incurred.


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