Suprfit Sigurd 3D Weight Vest

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  • Size-adjustable training and running vest including 2 interchangeable weight plates for strength, endurance and cross training, can be loaded with up to 17 kg
  • High wearing comfort and a firm fit for men and women thanks to 2 exchangeable waist straps and 2 adjustable ladder buckles on the shoulders for individual adjustments
  • Choose your individual training weight thanks to interchangeable 3D weight plates that adapt perfectly to your body shape


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The Suprfit Sigurd 3D weight vest takes your training to a new level. The size-adjustable vest fits snugly on the body and adapts perfectly to the body shape thanks to the three-dimensional weight plates. This makes it ideal as a training and running vest. Since the weight plates can be combined in any way, you can adapt your vest to your individual needs. Each vest comes with two different length waist straps with Velcro fasteners. The length of the vest can also be individually adjusted using two differently positioned ladder buckles on the shoulders. This allows almost all athletes to use our weight vest.

Whether slim or muscular, big or small - with the Sigurd 3D from Suprfit everyone can complete demanding workouts.

product info

Material: Nylon / Oxford 600D
Weight options:
2 x 2.6 KG / 2 x 5.75 LBS
2 x 4 KG / 2 x 8.75 LBS
2 x 6.2 KG / 2 x 13.75 LBS
Own weight: approx. 1 kg
Maximum load: 17 kg
Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 36 cm
Color: Black / Black Camo / Brown / Gray / Navy Blue / Olive / Tropic


Perfect training and running vest for strength, endurance and cross training with a load of up to 17 kg

Choose your individual training weight thanks to interchangeable 3D weight plates that adapt ideally to your body shape

Firm fit for men and women, thanks to two different lengths of interchangeable abdominal straps, easy Fastened with Velcro

High wearing comfort with 2 adjustable ladder buckles for individual length adjustment

Maximum freedom of movement without wobbling

High-quality workmanship with reinforced double seams for high resilience and breathable inner lining for optimal moisture transport


  • ★★★★★

    Great wearing comfort. Absolute purchase recommendation!

    "5 stars because:

    1. The vest is super adjustable. It comes with two different lengths of straps.
    2. The vest fits comfortably, does not pinch and does not slip. (HARDLY any movement with burpees and other jerky exercises)
    3. Because of the short The cut gives you a lot of freedom of movement for any workout.
    4. Comfortable on the shoulders. Weight is well distributed.
    5. Weights are easy to change. They are super tight and don't move."

  • ★★★★★

    Top processing

    "Top quality and well made. Squats, pull-ups or push-ups work well. The vest fits snugly. During intensive training, you quickly start to sweat because the vest feels like a jacket. The vest can be recommended."

  • ★★★★★

    Very good alternative

    "Comfortable to wear (both for trail runs and for workouts), very well made. Resistant
    Compared to expensive alternatives, it is an absolute alternative in terms of value for money."

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  • Ricardo L
  • Freddy A

Numerous possible uses without slipping!

We have developed the one-size-fits-all solution for you that really doesn't slip! With the help of the abdominal straps of different lengths, you can easily adjust the weight vest to your body size. The supplied straps are fastened quickly and firmly with robust Velcro.
They are supplied in the following lengths:

Short: 36 cm
Long: 48 cm

Thanks to adjustable ladder buckles on each shoulder, you can also easily adjust the length of the vest to your individual needs.

Unlike other manufacturers, the interchangeable 3D Body Shaped Weight Plates are based on the shape of the upper body and therefore fit perfectly on the upper body. So the vest has little room to move on your upper body. This allows you to easily perform exercises such as jumping rope, jogging and pull-ups and you can be sure that the vest will not slip.

3D Body Shaped Weight Plates

The interchangeable weight plates in 3D design are curved like the human upper body and thus adapt perfectly to your chest. The result: The minimal cavity between the upper body and the weight plate prevents the vest from slipping.

The weight plates can be exchanged or combined and are available in the following weights:

2 x 5.75 lbs (approx. 5 kg)
2 x 8.75 lbs (approx. 9 kg)
2 x 13.75 lbs (approx. 12.5 . kg)

Easy to load

The Sigurd 3D Weighted Vest is quick and easy to load from the side.
To do this, slide the weight plate into the weight vest with the curve facing downwards, fold down the safety flap and close the inner and outer Velcro fasteners on the side.

You can load your Sigurd 3D weight vest up to a maximum of 17 kg.

Get -10% discount when you buy 2 weight vests

Do you prefer to train in pairs instead of alone?

Then save now in a set and order another vest for your training partner. If you buy two Sigurd 3D weight vests, you will receive a discount of -10%. This will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

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