Suprfit Rigmor Power Rack - Black


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  • Versatile multi-gym with pull-up bar, safety spotter, J-cups and eight weight storage slots.
  • Free-standing rack with uncomplicated construction, which can be loaded with up to 400 kg due to its firm stand and robust steel construction.
  • The all-rounder enables a variety of exercises such as bench press, squats, muscle ups + pull-up bar with multiple grip options.


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Our Suprfit Rigmor Power Rack is the ideal training device for barbell workouts. It is made from 3mm steel and powder coated. This ensures a firm grip and makes it extremely durable, robust and withstands even heavy loads for many years. The included J-Cups and Safety Spotter enable safe and intensive training sessions. Including pull-up bar with numerous grip options. Our Suprfit Rigmor series is characterized by outstanding quality and excellent value for money.
product info

Material: 6 x 6 cm steel tube with 3 mm thickness
Supplied in 5 packages
Includes multi-grip pull-up bar with hard-wearing powder coating for a perfect grip
Storage space: a total of 8 holders for storing weight plates with a hole diameter of 50 mm
As a classic version with 5 parts (complete), and as a shortened version with 4 parts (without plate stacker attachment).
This is also ideal for home gyms where space is limited.


Perfect for beginners and professionals + Ideal for home gyms where space is limited.

Allows you to do a variety of exercises such as bench press, squats, muscle ups + pull-up bar with multiple grip options.

Particularly stable and heavy-duty free-standing steel construction with a firm stand without wobbling and uncomplicated assembly.

Maximum safety and stability thanks to reinforced steel tubes, as well as two height-adjustable safety spotters, two separately height-adjustable J-cups for bar storage and eight slots for storing weights.

Powder-coated steel for extra protection against corrosion or the elements.

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For a small additional fee of €5.00 per month. we fully protect your device against damage of all kinds. In the event of damage, we will pay 100% for the repair costs incurred.


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