Concept 2 BikeErg

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  • Wind turbine and air flap, energy-saving, since operated without electricity
  • Belt drive, light and handy, performance monitor, wind wheel and air flap, adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Easy assembly, a stable thing - and easy to maintain

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Welcome to Concept2 BikeErg , the newest addition to our product family. The BikeErg shares the same pinwheel and performance monitor as the Concept2 Indoor Rower and SkiErg. It offers the same features and benefits that rowers and cross-country skiers already appreciate.

The BikeErg works with air resistance, which is generated by the wind turbine. This resistance principle enables a smooth, directly responsive and quiet ride. The air flap adjustment on the BikeErg works like the gears on a bicycle. You can determine for yourself how the resistance feels. Unlike most bicycle ergometers, the BikeErg, like a normal bicycle, is equipped with a freewheel. When you stop pedaling, the pinwheel keeps turning.

The Performance Monitor allows you to customize your workout and provides instant feedback during your workout with a wide range of display modes. You can use it to precisely measure your performance, monitor your progress and compare your performance values with others.

The BikeErg comes from a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of innovative and high-quality products. Regardless of your ability level - whether you are preparing for your next race or just want to get fit again - the Concept2 BikeErg is perfect for you

product info

Total length: 122 cm
Width: 61 cm
Seat height: saddle height (approx.): 79-103 cm, crank arm length 170 mm
Maximum load: 135 kg


Performance Monitor
The Performance Monitor distinguishes the Concept2 BikeErg from other devices. You can precisely measure your performance, monitor your progress and compare your performance values with others. The Performance Monitor displays your performance in speed, 1,000m average time, cadence (rpm), watts or calories for each training session and stores this information either in internal memory or on an optional USB stick. The Performance Monitor supports wireless heart rate measurement via ANT+ and Bluetooth as well as the free Concept2 app, ErgData, third-party apps and participation in our online challenges. The BikeErg does not require an external power supply. The PM5 requires two D cells as batteries. Spinning the pinwheel powers the monitor during exercise to conserve battery life.

Wind wheel and air flap
The BikeErg is equipped with the same wind wheel as the indoor rower or SkiErg. Since the air resistance on the wind turbine only increases when you invest power, you always have control over the load. The air flap allows you to control the airflow to the pinwheel during exercise. The choke setting on the BikeErg works like shifting gears on a normal bicycle: a low choke setting is comparable to a light gear when riding a bicycle.

Adjustable saddle and handlebar
Both the handlebar and saddle position can be easily adjusted. Saddle height can be adjusted with our safe and tool-free system. The horizontal saddle position and saddle inclination can be individually adjusted. The handlebar is vertically and horizontally adjustable and offers three different riding positions.

Prefer your own BikeErg configuration? No problem: Most standard bicycle parts can be easily attached to the BikeErg. This means you can use your own handlebars, saddle or pedals.

Belt drive
The BikeErg does not use a chain, but a low-noise belt drive. The self-tensioning belts improve service life and reduce maintenance.

Light and handy
The BikeErg's aluminum frame and built-in transport wheels make it both light and handy. With a weight of only 26kg, it weighs less than most bicycle ergometers.

Easy to assemble
The BikeErg is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need for assembly: the necessary tools and simple, illustrated assembly instructions.

A stable thing - and easy to maintain Our devices are known for their stability and durability. No matter where and how they are used: whether in rowing clubs, fitness studios, in the army, the fire brigade, schools, universities or simply at home. Our users all appreciate that the devices require very little maintenance and last forever.

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