Superfit Barbell Cleaning Kit

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  • Keep your bars in top condition for long-lasting performance
  • Protects against rusting and wear
  • Easy to use for a clean and hygienic training experience

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The brand new Suprfit Barbell Cleaning Kit gives you everything you need to keep your bars in tip-top shape. Whether you train at the gym or at home, this kit allows you to effortlessly clean and maintain your bar, regardless of its coating.
The brush's wooden handle and soft bristles make cleaning effective and gentle at the same time, and the high-quality oil provides optimal protection for your pole.
Ensure the performance and longevity of your training equipment with this simple and comprehensive solution.

Invest in the care of your barbell now and enjoy a first-class training experience!

product info

Brush: wooden handle with soft bristles

Towel: High quality material made of 88% polyester and 12% nylon

Oil: 91% lubricating oil and 9% rust inhibitor

Cleaning steps:
1. Effortlessly remove any chalk residue with the dry brush.
2. Rub the rod with the high-quality oil and work it into the knurling with the brush. The oil forms a protective film on the steel and ensures long-lasting durability.
3. Wipe off excess oil and spread the chalk on the bar with the soft towel for the perfect grip during every workout.


Durability: Extends the life of your barbells

Improved performance: Ensures smooth movement and maximum efficiency in every workout.

More Protection: Prevents rusting and wear. The wooden handle and the soft bristles make cleaning effective and gentle at the same time.

More time for your workout: Easy to use and handle

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