Suprfit Colored Weightlifting Sets

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  • Perfectly equipped with the Suprfit Colored Weightlifting Sets for an effective and complete full body workout at home
  • Sets consisting of 1 x Pro Training Bar 15 kg/20 kg or 1 x Princess Bar Black/Chrome or 1 x Warrior Elite Black/Chrome, the Suprfit Colored Bumper Plates in various weight combinations and 1x pair of Lykke Lock Jaw
  • Put together your Suprfit Colored Weightlifting Set as you wish. Available as a Starter, Intermediate or Advanced Set


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With the Suprfit Colored Weightlifting Sets you can easily and effectively achieve a complete full body workout.
With a Pro Training Bar in the sizes 15 kg and 20 kg or 1 x Princess Bar Black/Chrome or 1 x Warrior Elite Black/Chrome, our Colored Bumper Plates in different combinations and a pair of Lykke Lock Jaw you are perfect in your home gym fitted. Now put together your home gym as you wish.

Available as a Starter, Intermediate or Advanced Set

product info

Suprfit Pro Training Bar:
Weight: 20 kg / 15 kg
Length: 220 cm / 201 cm
Handle diameter: 28 mm (IWF and IPF markings)
Diameter weight holder: 50 mm
Length weight holder: 415 mm
PSI value: 220,000

Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar:
Weight : 20kg
Length: 220cm
Handle diameter: 28mm (IWF and IPF markings)
Weight mount diameter: 50mm
Weight mount length: 420mm
PSI rating: 180,000+ (pounds per 2.5cm²)
Weightlifting max load: 680kg
Squat max load (e.g. back squats), deadlift: 400 kg
Material: spring steel
Color: black or chrome
Finishing: manganese phosphate (shaft), chrome (end pieces)

Suprfit Princess Bar:
Weight: 15 kg
Length: 201cm
Handle diameter: 25mm (IWF and IPF Markings)
Diameter Weight Capacity: 50mm
Length Weight Capacity: 320mm
PSI Rating: 150,000+ (lbs per inch2)
Max Load Weightlifting: 350kg
Max Load Squats (Back Squats), Deadlifts: 150kg
Material: Spring Steel
Color: Black or Chrome
Finishing: manganese phosph at (shaft), chrome (end pieces)

Suprfit Colored Bumper Plates:
Disc diameter: 450 mm (IWF standard)
Inner ring diameter: 50.4 mm (IWF standard)
Weight tolerance: +/- 5 g
Low recoil
Solid rubber
Stainless steel inner ring

Suprfit Lykke barbell lock pair 50mm (black)
Material: plastic
Weight: 0.15 kg
Inner diameter: 50 mm
Outer diameter: 90 mm


Suprfit Colored Bumper Plates offer you high quality, modern design in Olympic format and a competition-like feeling during training.

They are very robust and resistant and are therefore perfect for beginners and determined athletes with high demands.

The Suprfit PRO Training Bar barbell made of flexible and high-strength spring steel in Olympic design with IWF and IPF marking. The 15 kg variant was specially developed for women with a reduced length of 201 cm instead of 220 cm and a lower weight of 15 kg instead of 20 kg

Reduction of the torque and pressure on wrists and hands thanks to the high-quality needle bearing (4-needle bearing) of the Pro Training Bar

The Suprfit Princess Bar is a very robust barbell especially for women, which has been developed according to the IWF standards.

According to the regulations, the bar has a length of 201 cm and a weight of 15 kg and is marked for weightlifting and powerlifting.

The Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar is the next step in the development of the Suprfit Warrior Eco Bar, the development of which has been secured by very high quality controls.

The Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar barbell is triple bronze-bearing (bushing) to guarantee even easier rotation.

The Suprfti Lykke barbell locks 50mm are easy to handle and at the same time very robust. This makes them ideal for all intensive workouts with the barbell.

Even with many drops, the locks keep the plates where they belong

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