Suprfit Wooden Peg Board

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  • Improve your strength and endurance through a challenging full-body workout
  • High quality and sturdy pine wood design
  • Space-saving and easy to assemble


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NOW NEW: Our brand new Suprfit Wooden Peg Board is the perfect training tool for anyone looking for an effective and challenging training experience that combines climbing and bodyweight exercises .

Our Wooden Peg Board is available in two sizes - size S and size L - and allows for a variable full-body workout with many grip options , thanks to the two included handles. Made from high-quality pine wood , this climbing board impresses with its robustness and durability.

When using several Suprfit Wooden Peg Boards, the diverse assembly options allow you to be creative in designing your own climbing walls. The variable composition depending on the level of difficulty continually creates new challenges and training stimuli. In this way, your training remains consistently varied and flexibly adaptable.

Whether mounted individually or together on the wall, with the Suprfit Wooden Peg Board you have endless options for expanding your training.

product info

Size S:
Weight: 9kg
L: 126cm W: 32cm H: 6cm
1200mm x 300mm
Thickness: 15cm
Max. user weight: 140 kg
2 climbing holds

Size L:
Weight: 19kg
L: 248cm W: 32cm H: 6cm
2430mm x 300mm
Thickness: 15cm
Max. user weight: 140 kg
2 climbing holds

Material: pine wood
Wall mounting
Screws and dowels are included


Bodyweight Training: With the Suprfit Wooden Peg Board you can use your own bodyweight to improve strength, endurance and climbing skills.

Adjustable difficulty levels: Thanks to the variable mounting options, you can adjust the difficulty levels of your climbing wall according to your individual training goals and progress.

Versatile training options: In addition to climbing, the peg boards offer additional attachment options for resistance bands to further diversify your training and target different muscle groups.

Training motivation: The constant opportunity to create new challenges promotes training motivation and helps you effectively achieve your fitness goals.

Suitable for different fitness levels: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the adjustable difficulty levels make the Suprfit Wooden Peg Board suitable for all fitness levels.

High-quality pine wood: The climbing board is made of robust pine wood, which not only ensures an attractive look, but also durability and stability during training.

Space-saving design: The wall-mounted design saves valuable space in your training area and enables an effective workout even in limited environments.

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